Sunday, February 18, 2007

delynn in paradise

( delynn is a friend of tim and katy jordan who is on a central american vacation. This is the beginning of a longer message she sent with vacation observations. sk.)

"I have the chance [to write] as another storm is coming in, the streets are flooding and the power keeps going out but... of all things to stop and make you I saw a man die and his last words were...'the snorkeling is great here' then back under the water he went...
He was large and elderly but was enjoying his Cruise and time with family through these tropical parts and just had a heart attack while under water snorkeling. The whole island and all of us in proximity and those that did CPR are all reeling but comforted by his last words and the good time he was having. But it has reminded us all of friends and family that are far away so I wanted to send my love and remind you all that you are missed, and you should take that vacation you have been thinking about NOW! "
Read de lynn entire message HERE