Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Need A Space Rock Defense !

Price of gas got you down? Does the dog have fleas? Wish Hillary got the nomination? Put it all in perpective: watch this Gregg Easterbrook video narrating the key points from his current Atlantic Monthly article on the high probability of earth impacts and the need for NASA to get with it if they want to save the planet(Come on guys!) Maybe you don't have to clean out the garage after all. One of these babies could solve global warming -after the rain of superheated particles, of course. The video is about 11 min long.

Jon H. is attending a scientific conference in Siberia commemorating the Tunguska impact which occurred 100 years ago this June 30th. Even though it was an air blast scientists believe a crater has now been located. We expect a full report from him on Tunguska as well as an update on the current understanding of impact frequency and consequences!