Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blast FromThe Past: LOK in Appalachia

While shuffling through papers during my recent move, I came across a copy of a 1965 WellesleyAlumni Magazine piece written by Louise on her experiences volunteering for the Frontier Nursing Service in Appalachia. I thought you might enjoy it. (The scan isn't the best - set the size of the pdf up to at least 100% and you'll be able to read it.) Pretty amazing. I wonder: what is the current state of the areas she did her volunteer work in?

Kentucky Mountain Courier
"An American eyesore about which we have been very uninformed until the beginning of the Anti-Poverty Campaign is an area in the Cumberland Mountains of southeastern Kentucky, well known now as the Poverty Pit, the heart of Appalachia. As a courier for the Frontier Nursing Service this past summer I have seen first-hand the plight of the most backward and underprivileged part of our country. A child's tomach bloated with worms; a toothless mouth and saddle nose, the defects of familial disease brought about by two centuries of inbreeding...."
Read the rest of her magazine article HERE