Sunday, May 13, 2007

Marty & Cindy stay warm;
Tim holds onto his hat and
points out fireworks nuances.
Kaboom on the Bay 2007

ALBUM Impressionistic fireworks photos from the rocking boat
Beautiful Boat People

Kaboom 2007.
Rocky invited the K Mtn crew
(Jerry, Patty, Marty, Cindy, Katy, Tim and Bryan )
to experience the fireworks from the O'Connell/Rockmore race boat.
Four huge fireworks barges were pushed into
place as we and many other craft, large and small,
set anchors in the Bay near Pac Bell Park
and broke out the hors d'Oeuvres & wine to
watch the sun set over the city, listening to the bands
echo over the water from Pier 32. Rocky commanded
with authority, collisions were mostly avoided and
grog rations were liberal. Chris Norling, Larry & Patt Mann
and friends motored in a small craft from South City to share
the evening lashed along side. And we thought we were chilly!
The fireworks display was heart stopping.

On the health front:
Tim's insides may have been partially liquefied from the hypersonic
concussive blast over-pressures taken in the chest as he
leaned over the bow to get as close as possible to the explosions.
Could be infrasound damage. Are you OK ,Tim?

Thanks for a great evening, Rocky.